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Mango Peeling: A Food To Prevent Bad Cholesterol

msmbe.org - Many consumers do not consider healthy foods in their everyday meal. People tend to eat many fatty foods. It is because they're delicious. Not only delicious, they are easy to find near groceries and markets. But many of those got bad cholesterol. Bad cholesterol leads diseases on our heart. It produces a group of a disorder called cardiovascular diseases. It is not a disease not to be afraid of. Death by heart disease is the number one cause of death globally. It needs to stop. But how? We may consider exercising, but exercising won't be enough. That's why a group of students from Mindanao made a research about it.

The students researched about heart disease. Throughout the study, they found out that there is a nutrient called Bioflavonoid. Bioflavonoid is a vitamin that has a large class of antioxidants. Many researchers believe that dietary intake of it is beneficial. Beneficial, that is, for blood vessel health and protection against heart disease. It also gives vitamin C and also an active ingredient in many herbal remedies. msmbe.org

Not all people in the world can buy medicines. Out of poverty, poor people cannot buy medicines for themselves. That's why the students researched and found a way. They wanted to see a thing that is useless after it's used or eaten. They also wanted to see if there is Bioflavonoid in it. They searched until they found out about mango peelings. Mangoes are easy to find. Many people eat mangoes. But mangoes are not wholly eaten. People throw out every peeling after they eat the inside. That is the reason why they researched more about mango peelings. After so many experiments with the help of teachers and mentors, the results came. Presented to other researchers national, they told them it's positive. Mango peelings have the Bioflavonoid everyone needs. It may be not of good taste, but it is easy to get. It may help the poor people from expensive medicines. It may help reduce the risk of heart disease.

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